Design Management

Using the most up-to-date project management standards, the Design Management team provides support to the design teams. We play a key role throughout the design and construction phases, from programming, change control, and procurement to document control, payments and risk management

Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering team designs efficient building systems that reduce energy and water consumption, enhances user comfort and ensures indoor environmental quality. There are many aspects to the team’s work including: Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Public Health; Fire Protection; Vertical Transportation; Architectural Lighting Design; Building Physics and Sustainability


By designing a building from the inside-out as much as from the outside-in, we inculcate a sense of continuity and connection to the wider world. The starting point for any design solution is to gain an understanding of people’s needs and the way in which a space will be used. The goal is the creation of interiors that are both functional and elegant, while evoking a sense of place and complementing a building’s outward expression.

Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering team has experience in tall and complex buildings, and particular knowledge of non-linear and seismic design and analysis. The team works on projects from their initial conception right through to completion on site together with the architectural teams. They also liaise with other engineering consultants on projects, where the knowledge of local codes and third-party procedures may be beneficial.

Industrial Design
 Carrying out a diverse range of work, the Industrial Design team frequently works as an integral part of the overall studio, designing specific building elements



Acting as a catalyst for thought leadership at the practice, the Sustainability Group looks at ways to advance our sustainable design processes. Working directly with the design teams, it delivers insight, informs direction, and measures improvements, to develop a sustainable vision for projects carried out by the practice.


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Urban Design

Designing at the urban scale is a complex undertaking, whether it involves a masterplan for a city, a regeneration scheme for a neighbourhood, or planning a new public transport system. Our team includes planners and spatial designers, economists and anthropologists, and landscape architects and mobility engineers, working together to create thriving and resilient environments. In this era of unprecedented social, technological, and environmental change, our approach anticipates the evolutionary changes and rapid transformations shaping our urban environments 

Workshops and Executive Teams

With holding workshops besides training and getting acquainted with new workforce, our team welcome and value new ideas and attitudes. We believe new staff can challenge our design and executive teams in all departments by introducing new ideas and outlooks.

Workplace Consultancy

As a team of designers, analysts and researchers, the Workplace Consultancy are dedicated to matching architectural and interior design with business objectives and changing needs of organisations. We explore and envision the future of communities, cultures and corporations and how these will influence our built environments. We work with clients to understand their needs and we undertake post-occupancy surveys to learn from practical experience.


Central to our ethos is an appetite for enquiry, discovery and understanding. By maintaining a commitment to research – one of our great strengths as a practice – we are not only up-to-date with new developments and techniques, but are also able to thoroughly evaluate their relevance and technical performance for individual projects. Our research groups such as, Applied Research and Development, Material and Research Centre, and Specialist Modelling Group, help design teams answer these challenges in the spirit of innovation.


In addition to complete the projects with materials of our workshops, our endeavour is to supply and make required (appliances) for the needy. Hence, we can help to improve the quality of life in society by performing these projects, and finally at the end of each project, we dedicate part of our profit to this issue.